Beautiful Wellness

Healing starts from within.

I am honored to support you in your health journey. My goal is to help each client reduce their symptoms with a natural, safe, and healthy approach. Reflexology is effective when done correctly. Although many people may claim to offer reflexology, an authentic reflexology treatment can effectively remove blockages internally that may be causing you health problems. As a certified reflexologist, it is my goal to help you reach your health goals by customizing a plan that will be most beneficial to you. It is important to know that though some people may see results quickly, others take a bit more time. It all depends on what you're dealing with, and your reaction to the therapy. Reflexology is something that can be done throughout the course of your life to help keep the body in balance and keep stress levels down. Each new client is required to receive a consultation before your first appointment where we will go over your medical history. Each session includes aromatherapy free of charge, along with an aromatherapy foot soak before your session. After the reflexology is done we will finish off with hot towels and waking the feet back up with some foot exercises. 


Your wellness journey begins here.


60 Minutes | $50
90 Minutes | $75

Head to Toe Treatment

A combination of face, hands, and feet.

60 Minutes | $55
90 Minutes | $80

Wellness packages

Reflexology is a gentle yet very effective therapy that helps to assist the body in healing. Because it is a more subtle approach, as opposed to taking medications, a series of sessions are recommended to achieve the desired results. Weekly sessions are recommended for anyone actively experiencing any imbalances or ailments that they are wanting to correct. Monthly sessions are recommended for anyone else who jusy simply want to maintain the balance in their body and reduce stress. Packages are offered for the convenience of the client, so that you may get your recommended sessions in while saving money as well.

Package of Three | $135 (Save $15)

Package of Six | $258 (Save $42)

Annual Package | $480 (Save $120)

The annual package is our yearly wellness package that will have you set for the entire year. It includes:

12 monthly reflexology sessions

Two essential oil blends

Ability to share sessions with family

Flexibility to mix & match services